This spam thing is getting me down. Every time I log on I have a bazillion bounced messages. I hit check mail and then leave the room and empty the dishwasher and by the time I’m finished the MAILER-DAEMONS are all loaded up. Plus all the nice auto-responder notes from people who are on vacation but will get back to me as soon as they can. Sometimes these messages are in a foreign language but I’m guessing that’s what they say. Some messages inform me that the email user has a spam filter and I haven’t been approved so please reply to I can be approved. Or maybe even a scolding message that they don’t accept spam messages and I’m not approved.

Who thought that technology development was going to do anything? The spammers don’t even see the rejected messages.

I attempted to set up my own mail filtering but there were so many permutations, it didn’t help much. I’m trying to think of an evil punishment for spammers but my creativity is on the fritz and all I can think of is letting the victims throw things at him or her. I’d throw cartons of yogurt 3 months past date.

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