Questions Answered

1. There must have been a power incident on Sunday because the answering machine and the computer for the digital cable were screwed up. I think this is why my alarm didn’t work yesterday.

2. I talked to my neighbors last night and they said it’s fennel and it’s taking over.

3. Last fall I emptied my compost bin into the garden and dug it under. Unexpectedly, I’m growing potatoes. Coincidence?

4. I wrote this whole thing about not writing stuff about people that might make them feel bad and then yesterday wrote an uncomplimentary post about my ex. boyfriend the Amway actor with the crap car. Perhaps I lied.

5. That dahlia is hanging on for dear life. Last night I went out there and one tiny petal had come loose. It’s supposed to be 80’s today and there better be a flower when I get home.

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