A Few Things I Like About this Time of Year

1. Longer days.
2. Jumping out of bed and not being cold. Same is true for running out and grabbing the paper or getting something out of the garage.
3. Having windows open in the house.
4. Wearing short sleeves. In the winter my long sleeves always dip into the dish water or get dragged through the chopped onions.
5. Not having to carry around an extra sweater, coat, umbrella, hat, scarf, etc. My purse is a little backpack. I like to have my hands free so the backpack purse or the slung-diagonally and worn on the side purse are my bags of choice. In the winter you can’t really wear the little backpack over the coat and under the coat can be an alternative although I look like a hunchback and I have to take my coat off if I need to get anything in my purse.
6. Farmers market, berries and other garden treats.

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