The Garden Hose Whisperer

Our office had a party last week and there was a ton of ice leftover. I have previously documented my thing withchocolate chip cookies. I don’t eat huge amounts of sweets so when I do, they have to be good. I don’t need a cookie everyday but when I want it, I want it and I want it to be a yummy homemade cookie.

I almost always have a baggie of cookies in the freezer at the office, carefully wrapped up in a non-translucent bag with my initials taped to it. One time my clear baggie non-labeled cookie stash disappeared.

Now it’s buried under 42 pounds of ice. You’d think it would occur to someone to move the stuff in there before putting in the ice but then, no one at my office even likes to close the cupboard doors after they’ve opened them.

I funneled my aggravation into drawing this picture, which is supposed to be the Wicked Witch of the East’s smushed legs with ruby slippers.

On to the garden update. My peas haven’t been doing much since the slugs eat their leaves off before they can even unfold. This is all a theory since I haven’t seen a slug in my yard in weeks. I’ve even tried going out first thing in the morning with my scissors to chop them in half but they must be onto me because I never see one.

I didn’t realize how poorly my peas were doing until this past weekend when I put out my next door neighbor’s trashcan and I stumbled upon their pea patch. Look at that. And look at that tiny green leaf-less stem. Is that the saddest excuse for a pea patch that you’ve ever seen?

Since the weather is finally warming up, I finally had to deal with the backyard hose. Last year I wrote about the great Pam v. Hose battle. I had limped along this long with a watering can but now I needed some serious spray. It took me 3 minutes to attach. Amazing how easy things can be if you take your time and whisper kind words.

 Meanwhile, the only seeds I planted that have done anything are the turnips. I think every single turnip seed I planted turned into a turnip. I think turnip seeds I imagined turned into turnips. I planted tons of greens and beets as well .What happened to them?

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