Mogget Needs Food
Our next door neighbors have a white cat named Duchess that I have nicknamed Mogget. Mogget loves to hang out in our yard and all summer long can be found lounging among the Dahlias napping in the shade or else snoozing on the outdoor patio furniture so that whenever you sit on it you get a nice coat of white cat hair.

We don’t mind Mogget except that she completely and totally ignores us and enjoys using our yard as her cat box.

Mogget’s people asked me to put their trash can out for them and when I went over there this evening you’ll never guess who came running over to me yowling as soon as I opened the gate between our yards?

I said, hello and carried out the trash and recycling, the entire time the cat meowed and followed me. She let me pet her. The only other time I have ever pet her was when her owner was standing right there.

She led me back to her food dish, not that this was unexpected. But I wasn’t assigned to feed her and had nothing to offer. Poor kitty.

The Flickr Stream from Reno is here.

Tomorrow is a no computer day. Enjoy your day.

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