Cleaner Closet Now

Yay. One project off the list.

All the winter clothes and accessories have been moved to the back of the closet or stored in a plastic bin. I even found a winter hat that I misplaced back in January.

The summer stuff, what little there is, is clean and ironed. I do this thing where I think I will toss old cruddy stuff next year after I buy new stuff to replace it. Then next year rolls around and I don’t get around to replacing anything and I end up using the old stuff thinking it’s good enough and I’ll get around to buying new stuff later. Then at the end of the season I think, well, now I should buy cheap clearance stuff for next year since all this old stuff is way beyond its expiration date. But I never get around to it and end up getting by with the old stuff.

I like new things. I just hate shopping.

I also packed up some stuff to go to the donation bin. I have a hard time with this. Some stuff I hate to part with because it was a gift even if I don’t like it, it’s not my style or doesn’t fit me. Other stuff is in fine condition and it seems a shame to get rid of it but I don’t love it because it doesn’t feel good to wear it or whatever. Who can explain why you just don’t like certain clothes?

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