Or Maybe Not Back Later

I saw this sticker on a car downtown on the day I was walking to the farmer’s market. Remember the day I was extra cranky?

It felt like a message for me.

I’d also like to report that I saw Mr. Heron again yesterday morning so either there are more than one flying around downtown or he forgot something and had to run back home to get it.

This is another good one I saw at the library this morning. I love the library. I returned a bunch of books that I didn’t even read or feel bad about. That’s my personal growth mission for the summer. Learning to put books back without guilt.

I finally started that closet organizing project that I’ve been talking about and I’ve done the part where I’ve taken a bunch of things out and placed them in strategic piles around the bed and floor so now I’ve got a giant mess. I knew it was a mistake to come here and just check my mail for a second and see what’s accumulated in the google-reader, and oh, how about a quick blog post and then check the bank balance and maybe take care of that gift I need to buy.

I’m leaving now.

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