Carless in Vancouver

I am finally taking care of the bumper damage from the uninsured lady who hit us in December. I figured while the car was going in I might as well take care of the other ding (not my fault) and scrape (my fault!) so I did a bit of back and forth with insurance and the body shop and all I can say is this is a big incentive never to hit or be hit again.

I am car-less for 8 working days. I know zero about car body repair but it seems like an awfully long time. Since my person at the body shop asked me at least 10 times whether I had rental car coverage and I never once made mention of needing a rental car I suspect some rental car kickback incentive to drag the repair out as long as possible.

We can live on 1 car for a week and a half and have developed a highly complex program to trade off the car along with various combos of walking/picking up/dropping each other off, public transportation and/or relying on kind colleagues for rides.

I’m short on time this morning but I have to mention the most fabulous dinner I had last night at the Salmon Creek Brewery. It was a chef special called something like Shrimp Diablo which was grilled shrimp in a creamy, Cajun-y spiced sauce over pasta and was so delicious I haven’t stopped talking about it. I wanted the hoover the whole plate but save enough a little taste when I get home tonight.

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