Everybody Gets Egg Salad

Easter EggsI think I wrote about this last Fall. I phoned our heating oil company then to see if they could top us off so we’d go into the cool weather with a full tank. The woman who took my call got sort of bent out of shape about this. “You want fuel, now?” she said like it was a crazy idea.

I won’t get into it but I’ve had run ins with this woman before about our service plan. I’m not sure what her deal is but I would argue that she’s not striving to provide her customers with superior service and products… on time… every time… and always with a friendly smile.

I told her that on autofill they always got us at Christmas and tax time when we already had a lot of other expenses. At current rates it’s in the range of $600 to fill the tank.

Easter EggsSince we’re on the autofill program she said it would cost extra to fill the tank in October so I said, forget it we’ll do it your way and sure enough, December 15 we find the bill with notice that our tank has been filled.

Now it’s April. We’ve never got a second fill. We’re at less than a quarter tank. We’re using less but we still need heat. They supposedly use some complicated program based on our usage records multiplied by the daily low temperature and divided by the square root of the full moon on a Sunday after the vernal equinox. I don’t know how it works but I am finding it an astounding coincidence that after I specifically mentioned Xmas and tax time being bad time for fuel delivery that that’s precisely what we’re getting.

Easter EggsBob decided to call them to find out what was going on and order 100 gallons rather than a full tank. He called me after he talked to The Dragon Lady and said: What IS her deal? The poster child for anti-customer service insisted to him that we didn’t need fuel and couldn’t possibly be that low. Like she would know better than us, right? She said our usage had changed and something about the ratio and blah blah blah. What, were they planning on delivering fuel in May when we don’t need it until Fall?

Bob had to insist and they agreed to deliver this week at the higher price which will cost us a huge extra $8. Our service contract expires in the summer and The Dragon Lady will just have to enjoy not providing customer service to some other people.

Easter EggsMeanwhile, I noticed yesterday I have a nice, slightly swollen gash on my nose. I have zero idea where it could have come from. I haven’t been playing contact sports or falling down drunk. No one has thrown anything at me. My best guess is that I hit myself in the face during yoga on Monday night. Denise kicked our butts.

We did the Star Wars Easter Egg kit wrong because I didn’t read the directions but apparently there was something you put on the eggs before you cook them and it looks really cool. I cooked the eggs in advance thinking I was being a big planner and so then it was too late.

The sandwiches look delicious.

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