Super Fun
We’re back and a fabulous 10-star trip.

And look what was waiting for us when we got home. I noticed them in the dark when we were pulling our luggage out of Priscilla’s trunk at midnight last night. Lots of daffodils in the backyard as well.

When I told my college roommate, Trish, that we were going to make our first trip to New York City, she said: You are going to love it and hate it. That sums it up perfectly.

I thought I’d get around to it today, but turns out, I’m dead tired. The trip was fantastic but not relaxing. My husband is quite the task master. I’d be nudged awake in the morning: “I brought you a bagel. We need to be on the subway in 20 minutes.” When it was my turn to pick something to do it was usually a nap or some sort of nap variation. You know, sitting down to eat, rest or partake of an adult beverage.

I’m going to write an epic or a couple of epic posts this weekend. Also, photo stream.

 On the plus side, and I hate to even mention it lest I jinx myself, I’ve been sleeping like the dead. Nothing like marching all over New York City from 9am to midnight to get a body in the mood for sleep.

Since we got home so late I took off work today. We unpacked and worked on the laundry pile. Sorted out mail. I tricked my husband into going to Target with me. Since we’ve met I’ve never asked him to go on stupid shopping expeditions and I noticed he had plenty of things for the basket but he still couldn’t resist the urge to complain. Then we bought a carload of food. Then I dealt with the car shop on getting my bumper repaired. Then I did a bunch of yard work because it was sunny and a perfect day for it.

By 4pm I was exhausted again and braindead and could only prop myself in front of the TV and catch up on a few shows.

More coming up soon. But first: Cadbury eggs have gotten smaller! They should be smaller because geez, that was a huge load of sugar intake but what a world. All the candy is getting smaller.

[Can you believe it? It’s even in Wikipedia.]

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