The Storm Before the Calm

Parking Garage

Our parking garage at the office has tandem parking. The person who arrives 2nd must leave his keys with the parking attendant who will move the car as needed. I arrive early in the morning so I’m always in the first spot. I’ve made friends with the parking attendant and if the garage isn’t too busy at the end of the day, he has my car clear by the time I leave. Today was a busy day and several people were waiting with blocked cars, including me, so I thought I’d take a few photos of the cars while I waited. They didn’t turn out as groovy as I’d hoped.

My sweetheart and I are about to go on an adventure and I’ll be offline for a week. I might check in tomorrow before we take off if time permits and if I come up with anything interesting to say.

I looked at my vacation time today and realized I haven’t taken off any significant time since August. No wonder I’m so cranky about work.

I’m really looking forward to real vacation time in a brand new environment and no work or commute or housework or Internet to distract me from having real world adventures.

I bought another camera card. Probably way bigger than I’d possibly need but I didn’t want to have to delete photos mid-trip or feel like I have to hold back. I’ve also got my usual pile of mini-notebooks to carry with me to take notes and draw goofy little pictures.

Crappy Socks

These are brand new socks. I’ve only put them in the wash 4 times. Shouldn’t socks hold together longer than that? And that big hole popped out magically in my shoe between the time I left for work and arrived at the office. I shook my shoes off at the office so I could fold my feet under me on my chair and was a bit horrified to see my big fat toe, which in this photo looks like a lightbulb, poked out. Buying cheap stuff is hardly ever worth it.

We’ve had a series of crises as we’re trying to get ready to be away. Well, crises is a bit dramatic. We’ve had a pile of chores that needed to be tended to. Bob fixed our fence which disintegrated in December during a wind storm and we never got around to doing much about it.

If you check that post from December it also mentions this fender bender where this lady destroyed my front bumper. Long story short: we’ve made no progress on the matter. I admit I sort of dropped the ball in terms of following up but her insurance was hard to deal with and apparently she was uncooperative with them and meanwhile I have a big fat cracked bumper. I finally called my insurance company and got the ball rolling on that.

We have a carpenter ant infestation. I opened the blinds in my room and the troops were bursting out of a crack in the window sill. Crap. This is exactly the sort of home owner problem that we both are terrible at dealing with. I’m omitting lots of details but I have multiple follow ups to do on this item.

Sears still hasn’t finished with my vacuum. I was given a bag of plants identified as Lilies but looking like Iris to me (like I’m such a plant expert) that I threw into the ground tonight in a chilly wind. I’m still waking at 3:30am. I need to clean out the stuff that will go ooky from the fridge. Water the plants. Make sure I have weather appropriate clothes. Technology charged and updated. Current reading materials.

Ah, but vacation. Vacation. Vacation.

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