I Owe You Nothing

Not much to report here. I’ve been working on my story for my writers group. Amazing, me writing again. It wasn’t great but had a beginning, middle and end and I put forth a decent effort and I sent it off to them this morning so they will hopefully have time to read it by Saturday.

I always bake a treat for our meetings and I’ve been eyeing these layer cake recipes in Cooks Illustrated. I’ve never made a layer cake before. But after my latest series of baking disasters, I don’t think I’m up for the challenge quite yet. I’m going to make a sheet cake which seems like a slam dunk.

I won $4 in the Powerball. $4! Writing a story. Winning Money. My luck is changing. I can feel it.

This morning on the radio they were asking: if you were a billionaire and could have anyone you want play at your birthday party, who would you hire?

At first I couldn’t think of anyone that I cared that deeply about. I’d rather hire a fun band that Bob would like since he has so many. Then I decided The Replacements and I think you’d need a billion dollars to get the last line up of the ‘Mats in one place. The most obvious choice would be U2. I’d like them, too.

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