I check my blog stats about once a month partly out of curiosity and partly just to make sure nothing strange is happening. By strange I mean a surge in unexplained traffic. The only strange thing that’s happened several times is people on bulletin boards or social networking sites (is that what you call those?) like MySpace hotlinking an image from my site.

My favorite part of the stats is the top search strings. I get lots for “you’re doing it wrong” and numerous variations which surprises me because why would you look that up? They can’t all be looking for me. I also get a lot for reverse mullet and braids and this month Star Wars Valentine. I should probably link to what these correspond to, but I’m too lazy this morning.

The most perplexing one that almost always tops the list is Eva Green. When she first appeared I search online long enough to figure out she’s an actress but I know nothing about her and have never written about her. Apparently it comes up on a search because I wrote about a book called Eva in the same post about gardening some scratchy green branches.

I saw something about Eva Green presenting at the Oscars and thought: hey, there’s that lady. This morning Eva Green appeared on Go Fug Yourself. Now I know.

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