I misplaced a CD a long time ago. I never looked that hard because I always assumed it would turn up in another CD case. For some reason I thought about it this weekend and decided to go through my entire CD collection and see if I could find it.

My collection isn’t substantial. When I lived in L.A. my apartment was a short walk away from at least 3 great record stores and at that time I had nothing better to do every weekend than troll around all three and buy stuff.

I got rid of a bunch of stuff when I moved to the PAC NW and since then my intake has dwindled to about 2 CDs a year, usually gifts.

I moved my CD storage thing and found oodles of dust and lots of CDs I’d completely forgotten about but no lost CD. (I’m not saying what it is because you’d laugh so hysterically you’d probably strain a muscle.)

So where could that CD have gone? I know it didn’t end up in the player because that’s where I looked when it was first lost. It couldn’t be lost behind some furniture because I moved everything during the big home improvement project.

Must be The Borrowers.

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