Change of Plans
I had some major dreaded errands to do today. I have some returns to make and gift cards to use and it’s for places not close by and as I have mentioned before I’m not one who loves shopping so I’ve been psyching myself up for this all week.

I got up early and did a little yoga, bathed and made myself presentable for the public. I had my list in one hand and my stuff in the other and was one foot out the door, except: where are my keys?

This never happens. I do not lose my keys because I always put them in the same place when I come home from work. I’ve done a major search which included all normal and accustomed places plus pockets, gym bags and inside cupboards but no luck.

I did find an earring that I thought was history and I forgot to mention that Bob found my glasses stuck inside the comforter on the bed a couple days ago. Maybe that’s where my keys are.

After saying a bunch of bad words and kicking a few things, I decided that this is a sign from the gods that I’m better off at home today and that I need to vacuum under the sofa cushions (because that will be the next level of key searching.)

Last night after I got home we jumped into Bob’s car to go to the market so I’m hoping that the keys are in his car.

Meanwhile, these are the photos of the 1970’s bathroom at the office. Too bad you can’t see how orange the ceiling is. The bottom photo is from the (don’t laugh Daisies) “snow storm” the other night.

Update: Keys were in Bob’s car. Yay.

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