Stormwatch 2007 Coverage Continues
Last night a few snowflakes sprinkled down on the drive home but the major surprise was when I crossed the interstate bridge and there was a thin frosting of snow everywhere. I took a photo in the front yard but it was too dark and my skills too basic to make it look cool.

When I first moved here I was the biggest pansy about driving in anything more than really wet slush. Now if it’s freezing rain, I’m still a pansy, and general snowy weather I’ll stay out of if I can, but for work or essentials, I get out there and do my thing and don’t feel like I’m about to keel over from terror.

This morning was a snap, especially since officials everywhere closed and/or delayed schools. My spouse gets a day off. It was a bit slick on our street but as soon as I hit a main road, it was wet and noneventful the entire way in. There’s nothing weather-wise going on downtown except a clear and gorgeous view. I wish we had an observation deck in the building, I would take photos.

Huge pile of work to do today. Huge.

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