ooh-ooh that smellStink-O-Rama
Something in the refrigerator stinks and I don’t know what it is. On a scale of one to ten, I’m a ten plus when it comes to paying attention to what’s in the fridge. Old foods do not linger there.

I’ve probably thrown away tons of good food because I couldn’t remember how long it had been there or because it had a slightly odd sheen that could possibly be the beginnings of mold or something that could make you sick or kill you.

I’ve gone through every shelf. I’ve (very carefully) sniffed Rubbermaids® and dairy products. Nothing like taking a big whiff of something that smells low tide on a hot day to ruin the dinner hour. I’ve even tested the condiments. I’m not finding anything stinky.

But when you open the door. OOF! I hope this isn’t the beginning of an XFile or something.

Meanwhile, the new camera arrived, thus the excuse for picture taking. Is it just me or does looking into other people’s refrigerators bring up hard to place feelings of pity?

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