NaBloPoMo Wrap Up

After the first day, I decided not to mention NaBloPoMo in my posts. This was a little rule I made up for myself since the point seemed to be to write every day, not write about writing every day.

The other rule that I made for myself was that I would visit at least one new blog every day and I would leave a comment every day. Prior to NaBloPoMo I’ve never left a comment on a stranger’s blog. I’ve never even thought about it. The first time I did, I thought the sky would open up and people would point and laugh. (BTW: Angelfeet got my comment cherry.) I could go into a long-winded internal examination on this tendency of mine to participate without participating, but it’s not that interesting and I don’t have the energy right now.

Let’s just say, now I’ve tried it and I like it and I’ll do it again.

The daily comment rule fell apart around Thanksgiving when I got backed up with school and holiday stuff and to be honest, ran out of steam. Sometimes I can’t bear the sight of my computer. Still, I averaged way more than one blog a day thanks to the hypnotic spell of the randomizer and I think I averaged at least a comment a day.

I’ve added zillions of new blogs to my bookmarks. It should be easier to keep up when everyone isn’t posting every day.

If anyone from the contest is still hanging around, thanks for reading and/or commenting. I’ve visited everyone who’s left a comment and tried to leave a comment so you’d know I’d been by, as if this was all mandated by the fair and decent blogger rule book.

Overall: Good time. Thanks to for putting it on. I’m sure it was tons more work than she’d expected.

In other news I finished my Illustrator final project and turned that in today. I have one more class which will be the final exam. I’m starting to feel like a free woman. Time to get that holiday stuff together.

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