A month or so ago Bob asked me to come down to the basement and look at one of the windows. It’s a double pane and the outside pane was broken. (I first typed double pain. You can see my frame of mind.) Bob said there were rocks in the window well.

We couldn’t figure out if it was a botched break-in or maybe just kids throwing rocks. Both scenarios are a bit of a strain. The window well is in almost plain view of the street so it wouldn’t be a great place to break in. And it seems unlikely that some kids randomly ran up to that window to throw a rock.

We didn’t worry about it too much and made plans to get it fixed.

Meanwhile, last weekend I walked around the house for the first time since the weather turned bad just for a quick peek. I found a pile of yard debris that I raked against the house and then forgot about. It’s amazing you can spend time in a place every day and there are corners that you never look at. I checked that broken window well and I finally saw those rocks.

Those look just like the rocks that I dug out of the flower patch and then tossed into the window well to keep them out of the plants. *oof*

I confessed that I was the most likely vandal and Bob said he was relieved that it wasn’t crime.

In other news, I completely and totally do not want to do the holiday newsletter. I have my notes. I’ve selected a bunch of pictures. I’ve made my picks. But I’m still mad and every time I sit down I get cranky and obsess on other things and it’s not getting done.

I’ve made huge progress on the shopping part and maybe tomorrow we can get the tree and I can start wrapping and decorating and perhaps then I’ll feel more festive.

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