Storm Damage 06
Last night we had a big storm with lots of wind. In addition to the atomspheric chaos, I was mad about something so I spent most of the night tossing and turning and being pissed off. By morning, in addtion to still being mad, I was tired and cranky and had no desire to drag my butt out of bed except I wanted to get a few shopping type things done as early as possible.

Bob said parts of our fence blew over and our compost bin disintigrated and blew though the fence into our neighbors yard. COOL!

I ran for my camera, but couldn’t find it.

I hate not being able to find things so I keep my behavior as predictable as possible. It wasn’t in my purse, my work bag or the car. I figured I left it at the bar last night. Great. I stomped around the house because I just got the stupid thing. I haven’t even paid for it yet. How could it be lost?

But then I found it in the bathroom. (Whatever) Here are photos of the fence damage.

storm damage
storm damage

I used my amazing Illustrator skills to show you how the compost bin looks when it’s put together. The bin used to have lots of stuff in it, but I emptied it into the soil when I put the garden to bed in October so all that was in there were a few carrot, celery and fennel scraps plus some icky pumpkin. That’s all strewn about now.

Bob said he’s go on the store run with me and we were sitting at the stop sign at the end of our street, fully and completely on our side of the road, me standing up on my horn and Bob and I doing a Simpson’s type yell, “whoaoaoaoaoaoaoao” when a lady making a left turn onto our street drove into us head on. She was taking her kids to school. The second thing she said when she got out of the car after I’m sorry was I’ll be honest with you I missed my last insurance payment. Not even 9am and I already hate this day.

The impact wasn’t even enough to set off the airbags and I felt a little bad for the lady because obviously this was a fukup she can’t afford, but sweet fancy moses, it was like she was aiming for us. Look at the photo, the damage is on the PASSENGER’S side of the car. She said there was a glare from the sun, which is may be true but doesn’t explain how you could completely miss your own side of the street and drive into a car with its horn blaring. The car is drivable but yet another hassle.

fender benderWe took my car home and Bob drove and we got our errands done without further incident. I’m going to try to do a little yoga and then have some cocoa and see if I can salvage the rest of the day.

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