The End is Here

Before the Freeze
Tim Burton Dahlia

Today was going to be dahlia digging day because the weather people cruelly teased us with the information that today we were having a break from the rain. (Also note that the “after” photo comes from the special effects camera. I’ve got fall clothing needs and the holidays are upon us, thus I have yet to remedy my kaput camera.)

I realize that about 28 days in the month of October were a break from the rain, and I love the rain. But I don’t love an unrelenting downpour that makes commuting or even the smallest errand a soggy pain in the ass. Today’s paper says we’ve had 1.62 inches of rain this month and I’m not sure what measuring stick they’re using because by my estimate we’ve had about 8 feet.

So for now the dahlias have to wait. Better luck next weekend. I’m not digging them all if you’re thinking about last year’s disaster (scroll down to Nov 19, I can never make that link to target thing work right). I’m only digging a few side patches that I want to move and I’m digging up yellow ones to share with Kimberlee. Also I have one short orangey one that was beautiful but hard to appreciate nestled amongst the taller plants. Much smaller scale this year. Let’s hope it goes better this time. (scroll to Mar 2).

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