You See Your Gypsy
gypsy Here’s what my Halloween costume looks like except without the bird. They told me I couldn’t bring a pigeon into the building. (That was the only bird I could find.) And my outfit looks different because I was afraid all that swirly stuff might slow me down when I’m running back and forth from the copy room. I’m Stevie on the inside.

Yesterday I had two panic attacks.

The first one had to do with our property taxes which are due today. I am brand new to online billpay and I paid this bill two weeks ago but the trusty Clark County treasurer’s office webpage where they tell you to check indicated that they were still waiting for the payment.

It took a couple of phone calls before I found help. The guy at Wells filled me in that generally they recommend that you not use online billpay to pay government agencies because if there’s a problem you’re stuck with their bureaucracy. When they say that they recommend this, apparently that means when there’s a potential problem, they’ll bring it up.

Then I went through the Clark County phone menu until I got a person who told me that my payment had cleared but it takes 3 days to update the website. How handy. So panic averted. Taxes paid.

The second panic session had to do when I tried to post here and blogger gave me an error message. I’m not a technical person but as I understood it, it thought my domain didn’t exist. I could access my page and email so I’m not sure what the problem was, but I had my panties all in a bunch because tomorrow starts NaBloPoMo and how was I going to do it if blogger thinks my domain doesn’t exist. Later in the day it worked, so hopefully this isn’t foreshadowing some new technological research project.

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