Three Things for Monday
1. Yesterday I saw XMen 3 on DVD and thought it was a major stinker. Possibly part of the problem could be watching it at home on little screen with interruptions. I saw 1 and 2 on big screen and thought both were great. This one was just another big dumb action movie with a particular fondness for tossing cars around or smushing them.

2. Everyone I’ve told this to has been fairly horrified: I don’t hate the new Justin Timberlake. I’m not going to run out and buy it or put it on my iPod or beg the DJ to play it over and over when I’m dancing on my barstool. I’m just saying when it comes on the radio, I don’t hate it. I listen to the whole song and even hum a few bars quietly to myself later on.

3. Did anyone else get this class action suit settlement against Verizon? It’s a bunch of tiny writing so I’m still not sure what it’s all about but what I do get is: Verizon will be punished by giving me $15 off when I add another year onto my contract. Wow, way to stick it to Verizon. That’s not the only choice. There are about 6 others. They have to give me $30 if I extend my contract 2 more years. Seriously, attorneys made money negotiating this settlement?

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