Be A Good Worker
This morning I procrastinated for a bit and then worked on the illustration for my project. I think I made it more complicated than it had to be but I felt like I was learning something so I stuck with it.

I finally decided I was fried and checked the clock and saw it was after 1pm and since the news is that it’s going to rain tomorrow, I thought I should try to put in a little more time in the yard. I cleaned up some general stuff and dug out the roots of this lavender thing I cut back to the nub since it looked bad. Then I cleaned up the rosebed and then, finally, after having it for eons, I took out the hedge master and went to town on the front hedge.

If I wasn’t so tired I’d tell a better story, but basically it’s this stupid box hedge that was randomly placed out front and a couple of years ago we had a bunch of snow on the roof and it all slid off at once and did some major damage to the hedge. We chopped it back and intended to pull it out but never did and it’s been growing and growing until it looked like a spiky space alien out there.

I finally took the hedge cutters to it and smoothed out the edges. I considered taking pictures but it doesn’t look that special now that it’s done and I could see you guys thinking: Why the hell did she put a photo of her hedge on her blog? It looks like it was trimmed by a blind person.

[Aside: don’t you hate when your software checks for updates all by itself and randomly interrupts you when you’re doing something to say, “Hey, I have an update, do you want it right now?” and I want to say, “No, do I interrupt you when you’re in the middle of doing something and say, “Hey, it’s my birthday, do you want to bake me a cake?”]

My confidence boosted by how easy it is to use that mother, I went to the side of the house to chop at that hedge. That’s another story I can’t get into right now, but basically I chopped until I felt like my arms were falling off and they still feel like they’re falling off and my forearms are throbbing and typing does not feel good.

Tomorrow I’m making something with those roasted Poblanos I bought and doing some serious couch surfing.

Nice Neighborhood

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