I Want My System Font Back
This morning I arrived at the office to find that the last person on my computer was an administrator and that my display settings were all screwed up. The system font is stupid and all my desktop icons are smaller and so on like that. The sad part is that this majorly aggravated me and I stomped into someone’s office to bitch about it.

I have become that woman in the office whose head spins around and who loudly whines about her system fonts. Get over it already.

Also in today’s ramblings, I just read my Wednesday NYT Dining Out and on the cover is a super interesting article about a guy who studies how outside influences affect how much a person eats. Try this link.

The article starts out saying people will swear they aren’t influenced by the size of the package or how much variety is on the buffet table, or fancy names on the label.

Nuh-uh. I’m TOTALLY influenced by portion sizes. I’m the queen of eating junk food just because it’s there on the table. I will run out a buy a goofy product because of advertising or pick the prettier label if deciding between two brands. This is exactly why I don’t like to buy a lot of chips or any food I know I will eat in absurd quantities. This is also why I don’t like for my husband to fix my plate because he loads it up with so much stuff and I’ll eat it because it’s there. My serving guideline for him is: “Think about how much you think I would eat. Then cut it in half.”

Finally, did you know rebates are a total scam? I’ve always thought they were an excuse to collect your personal data for direct mailing/telemarketing. Turns out it’s more insidious than that AND a company was recently granted a patent for their business practice that takes pride in denying you your rebate. Their mothers must be proud.

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