The To Read Pile
Groaning Shelf
I’ve been meaning to take a picture of the “to read” shelf to show you. At first I was going to make it more organized. Then I was going to leave exactly as it normally is. Then I moved stuff around just a little so you can see more books. You can click on the photo for a bigger version if you want to see the titles better.

This is by no means the complete stack of books to read. This is just the main stacking area and where I look first when I’m ready for a new book.

You can barely see The Grapes of Wrath behind the middle stack between the Argonath bookends that came with one of my DVD purchases. There’s another paperback in there called something like Fire in the Morning which I’ve been carrying around for years and have moved to the bedside table more than once but still haven’t managed to read. Wrath I bought a couple of years ago thinking I wanted to read it again to see how my perspective has changed after reading it 20 some odd years ago. Every time I pick it up it seems so hefty and the print so small I resolve to read it again later.

The Anne Rice is also ancient. Around the time I got it, I read about 3 stinkers of hers in a row and could never bring myself to start that one. But I can’t bring myself to chuck it without at least trying the first 20 pages just in case it isn’t another stinker.

On the left buried at the bottom is an Alice Munro collection of stories. I’m easily drawn to chubby short story collections but rarely seem to read them. I suppose I should drop in and out, reading a story here and there. But that upsets my yearning to approach a book as a single project to be read from beginning to end. Alice Munro writes wonderful stories.

Under Alice is a book you can’t see called Daughters are Forever by Lee Maracle, who I used to see at Wordcraft Circle events but haven’t seen in a number of years.

Hopefully I can finish a book today and get started on that pound of Potter.

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