Breaker Moron
Last weekend our garbage disposal gave its last gasp just as my parents were driving up. We gave Dad a hard time like it waited until he was here to give up the ghost. Dad checked it out and confirmed: ding dong, the garbage disposal is dead.

Bob bought a new one at Sears and made arrangements for it to be installed because we don’t know how to install things and Dad has gone home and Uncle Joey is in Arizona or Texas or whatever, same thing.

The installer person was signed up to come today after 1pm. For some reason I didn’t want to be sitting around on my ass when this person came over so I decided this afternoon would be a good time to sweep out the garage. So there I was sweeping spiders with my hair full of dust when the truck drove up.

I had the new disposal set out and the area under the sink all cleared out and the guys got to work and things moved quickly from fine to disastrous.

I’m not an electrical professional and when I describe the problem, I know you’re going to be thinking, “That it doesn’t sound right. Those wrench jockeys didn’t know what they were doing. You’re hopelessly screwed and the electrical integrity of your entire house is broken beyond all reckoning. You might as well turn your wallet upside down and empty it out because it’s going to take jillions of dollars to fix this.” So in advance, thanks for the input.

Apparently the garbage disposal and the dishwasher have some wires crossed and even if you turn the disposal off from the switch it’s still on. And there’s some sort of mickey-mouse thing going on under the sink. And they couldn’t believe no one has gotten shocked or the house hasn’t burned down. The disposal can’t be wired up until an electrician looks at it. And we can’t use the dishwasher now either. And the breaker attached to the dishwasher also controls most of the lights in the rear end of the house (the house’s ass) so now our kitchen is a dark and godless place where we have no disposal and must wash dishes by hand.

As of now, an electrician has been called. The garage has been swept clean. AND the drainer is full of sparkling dishes which can be viewed using the light in the dining room.

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