Friday Morning Find

This morning we did a crepe walk. We walked downtown to have breakfast crepes at Mon Ami, a new place that opened about a month ago.

During the walk we stopped at a big garage sale which is going to benefit something with animals. They had all kinds of donations they were trying to organize.

I’m not a big garage sale person because I see it as more junk you’re bringing it into the house but when I saw these cookie cutters, I had to have them.
Cookie Cutters Cookie Cutters
These are the cookie cutters we used when we were kids. Mom or Erin probably still has them. There was a scary moment when I thought I might have them but the box is behind a bunch of stuff and I don’t want to look right now.

Cookie Cutters Cookie Cutters Cookie Cutters

I picked through the whole box for all the familiar ones. I thought I might even make sugar cookies for the writers tomorrow except I’m not sure I’m up for the effort right now. I already had planned to pick up another half flat of blueberries and throw together a quick crisp. I already know it’s yummy and whatever’s leftover won’t go to waste.

When I put on my shorts this morning I found a dollar in my pocket. Perfect for my purchase. We needed two more cookie cutters to make it a dollar. And I found two we didn’t have.

Cookie Cutters

A witch. How cool is that? Also note I realize these photos are crap. I have a lot to learn.

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