Peter B Lewis Building

Peter B. Lewis Building
Here’s another shot of the Frank Gehry building in Cleveland. If I was a bit more energetic I could Photoshop that lamppost out of there. Running late, decided to keep it real.

We finally had a cool night last night and were able to open the windows up again. I don’t like to sleep with the air conditioner on if I don’t have to. Bob grilled some portabello mushrooms, green pepper and onion for dinner. He’s got the routine down now, they were awesome. We had some rice and cleared out a dab of leftover bean salad and green beans. I had a lime popsicle while I watched my Battlestar Galactica DVD.

When I watered the yard, I found two tomatoes that are yellow-y orange. Getting closer. Also a couple of cucumbers. I remember planting tons of cucumber seeds but looks like I only have two vines. That’ll be enough.

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