Lazy Sunday

Lotus Cafe and Cardroom

Today I spent a better part of the afternoon trying to wrangle my digital photos. Since Frodo’s color went wonky I got lazy and haven’t named or organized photos in at least a dozen downloads. They’re still haphazard but at least in folders with general dates and I deleted dozens of blurry crap shots that I don’t need to save.

I also played with iMovie. I made a little movie of my pumpkins (what else?) with my camera. I figured 40 seconds or so would be perfect to start out. It’s a somewhat intuitive program. I managed to tack on a fade in and fade out and put it to some music but I would have liked to understand how the program works.

I tried the help window which very helpfully told me I could make a movie and do tricky stuff like fade in and fade out and add music. It didn’t tell me out to do it so I would say that’s not help that’s marketing. Bob says he has a book but I bet it’s about 400 pages long and starts with instructions like: plug your computer into the wall and hit the on switch.

Who decided that computer books have to be giant tomes? What if you could tell someone everything she needed to know in 30 pages?

This evening I made a blueberry brown betty which was fantastic. I would have eaten a trough-full but I was full from dinner. Brown betty is the way to go. I think this fall I will develop the pumpkin brown betty. At last, I realize my life purpose.

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