Paddle to the Sea

Coast Salish CanoeCoast Salish Canoe
Last weekend when we were in Tacoma, we had a chance to see Phil’s latest project. He’s working with a group to carve a Salish canoe. Lots of info and photos here.

Looking at Phil’s bio just now, his parents met at Chemawa Indian School. When I met them I told them that some of my family had attended Chemawa and they knew the name Wilder right away. Indian Country: not so big.

I’m impressed with the project. It’s one thing to see a canoe and another thing to see the work in progress. I found this article that tells a little bit more about canoe technology.

And here’s a photo of roughly what they’re going for.
Action Canoe

I would have loved to put these photos up earlier except I’ve been in camera hell for the past several days trying to get my new computer to make friends with my camera and transfer the images. I’ve been downloading and installing software, firmware and trading out memory cards and batteries. Ultimately I had to put a question in to support because no matter what I do I either get a spinning beachball of frozen hell OR I get an error message that tells me there is no memory card.

I can download the photos onto the old system, no problem. Meanwhile, while looking for cds and instruction manuals I’ve torn my room apart and found all sorts of other things I didn’t remember I had. Possibly a good thing.

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