Slow News Day

I know, I know. World Cup ends and I have nothing. I hardly know what to do with myself these days. I wander around the house in fugue with visions of Cannavaro vacuuming my house in his underwear dancing through my head.

I was going to write some things in response to this half-wit who thought that since Zidane’s headbutt was in response to an racial/family insult, that made him a hero. Why yes, that makes sense. Someone insults you with words and you respond by bashing him in the head. Well, good thing the rest of the world doesn’t solve problems that way. (Blistering sarcasm in case you weren’t getting it.)

If you want about 12 seconds of fun you might try finding your Brazilian soccer name.

When I use Pamela I get RA and while it might be fun to be associated with the sun god it’s not that much fun as a soccer name. Pammy results in the super sexy Pildo and Pam gets me Rio which isn’t too bad. If I reverse my names, Rentz Pamela generates Rinho, Pammy gets Rildo and Rentz Pam gives me my favorite: Pinho Santos.

Bob got the first disk for a show called Weeds which is fantastic. Hilarious, sick and twisted. I’d search it out if I were you.

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