FIFA World Cup Games 59 and 60

Good thing we’re getting down to the end because these games are taking years off my life. The penalty kicks are so nerve wracking.

I would have been okay with either England or Portugal winning game 59 until Rooney stepped on that guy’s crotch. Come on. Who does that? Ever. But especially in a World Cup game. I don’t think I’ve ever been glad to see a guy get sent off the field and I was glad about this.

Portugal managed to pull it off thanks to a brilliant goal keeper. They all need to go home and do 100 penalty kicks a day. Okay, maybe I should try kicking the ball into the goal myself to see how easy it is. Especially when I’m dead tired. But then that’s their job. They play soccer. What if missed when I was stapling a document because I was tired? Or accidentally put all my mail through the postage machine at the wrong postage rate? Okay, okay. Sometimes you miss the goal. Understood.

In the France v. Brazil game I was leaning towards Brazil. What happened to those guys? France looked fantastic and did Brazil even get a shot on goal? France was barely on my radar after what I thought was a weak showing in group play. Now I can’t wait to see them again. Two great games.

I have to ask: who makes those Red Stripe commercials? Some guy in his garage? They don’t actually pay someone to make those, do they?

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