FIFA World Cup Games 57 and 58

Yes and I’m back home and back on the couch. To be honest, I’m relieved there are only six more games.

I’ll tell you about my trip eventually however, today we have other things to discuss. I managed to watch at least a half dozen games while I was on the road and I won’t comment on all of them but I have a few things to say.

RE: Game 41 USA v. Ghana
I am SO disappointed in the way USA played in this World Cup. They had moments where they looked good but they just seemed to hold back all the time like they were getting ready to make a play instead of going and making the play.

They lost because they played badly but they also lost because of Dave O’Brien. Apparently I’m not the only person who thinks Dave O’Brien sucks. And the reason he made USA lose is because he’s filled with negative energy. All he could say were negative things. His negativity infected all the people watching the game who in turn infected the air around them which radiated out into the Universe in one giant negativity wave which hit the players on the field in Germany and they played poorly and lost. He should be publicly flogged and driven to the border.

As I read the article, people complain that he doesn’t seem to have a feel for soccer. I don’t like him because he says stupid things. Continuously. During the entire game. At one point during a 1-1 game, I heard him say that one team was in real trouble. HUH? Isn’t 1-1 essentially how the game started with both teams on an equal footing? I have never told my TV to “SHUT UP” as much as I have the last few weeks.

RE: either game 55 or 56 Australia v. Italy
Australia was ROBBED. They played a fantastic game and if they were going to get beat, it should have been on a fair goal, not a dive. I’m really mad at Italy right now.

Game 57 Germany v. Argentina
Bummer that these teams had to meet at this stage because Germany is one of my favorite teams but Argentina has been playing great in this tournament and I’ve loved watching them. I think some lesser teams are skating through while a really great team has to go home. Very exciting, fantastic game. I jumped up and down and did the soccer dance on the coffee table. Who thought Lehmann had it in him? Also, those South American men aren’t afraid to show their feelings and it absolutely breaks my heart when they show the guys on the field crying.

Game 58 Ukraine v. Italy
Too bad I’m still mad at Italy because they played great and I would have liked to enjoy it more. Have I seen the Ukraine play before? Half the team look like refugees from a 70’s heavy metal band. To me that’s really good. Also don’t you think Artem Ilevskiy looks like Jack Wild?

Two more games tomorrow. Then I have Sunday off and thank goodness because I have chores galore.

Also, if you’re keeping track, I have a half year update on my reading for 2006.

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