FIFA World Cup Games 19, 20, 21, 22 and 23

At lunch yesterday we went to Greek Cuisina to watch the first half of the Sweden v. Paraguay game. First we checked out the TV in the bar but it was playing baseball. One of the hostesses saw us and said to go upstairs, that everyone was watching the game up there.

Wow, I’m thinking. Finally a chance to watch the game in a group. So we get up there and there were only two men sitting there and I said, “This is it for the game?” Turns out they weren’t there for the game either. They had a table set up for a group business lunch.

We sat at a TV in the corner and the server came over and turned up the sound and got us all set up and asked us if we’d been watching all the games. We went into the usual soccer chit chat and he told us: I’m from the Czech Republic. And he said it without even the tiniest hint of smugness. We, of course, complemented his team and talked more soccer and about then we had a kickoff so we placed our order and settled in for the first half.

Good lunch but no score. When I got home last night I started with England v. Trinidad and Tobago. I think TnT is my one of favorite teams ever. They kicked ass. Sure, they lost but it’s their first world cup and they’ve given two top teams a real workover. If I could have one wish it would be that they score in the next game. Even if they lose I would love to see them score.

After the England game I finished the Sweden game. I already knew the results. What a heartbreaker for Paraguay. This is a team that played its guts out for two games but just couldn’t make it happen.

This morning I was up at 6am for the Argentina v. Serbia game. Argentina is a fantastic team and they handed Serbia its ass on a platter. And then some. It was hard to watch. I got out my bills and wrote checks after the half and finally had to turn it off after the 4th goal.

I came back for Netherlands v. Ivory Coast. What an exciting game. Great playing on both sides.

I taped the Mexico v. Angola game in case I wanted to watch it later but I have been feeling a wee bit saturated. Not too saturated to watch 2 games in a row, but too saturated to watch 3 games in a row. Also I’ve been feeling like my pants are getting snug and I’m tired of chips and peanuts. And I’m spending too much time in front of the TV.

So what better thing to do after my postgames nap, than to hop in the car and zoom over to the theater so I could see The Lake House a romantic mystery fantasy with Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock. It was me and 30 other women my age or older in the theater and it was fantastic. It’s a sort-of super condensed and simplified The Time Travelers Wife with not as much weeping. If you’re the right demographic, I highly recommend it.

This afternoon I’ve been gardening and enjoying fresh air. Maybe I’ll watch a bit of the Mexico game this evening.

Tomorrow’s another big day.

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