FIFA World Cup Games 16, 17 and 18

I didn’t see anything but highlights on the Saudi Arabia v. Tunisia game so no snappy commentary there.

Last night I rushed home for the Germany v. Poland game. It’s funny how I’m so paranoid about hearing the score before I watch the game and NO ONE is talking about soccer around here. Only me and the person in the office next to me who has been warned that if he finds out the scores, he’s not even allowed to look at me. Every time I even mention the World Cup people get a vague look in their eyes and talk about Stanley Cup or else say that they heard something about the USA not doing well. Watch the game people!

The Germany game was super fun with a thrilling surprise ending. What a nailbiter. Too bad the point isn’t to hit the goalposts or crossbar. Germany would be galactic champions of that game.

But a 91st minute goal. What a heartbreaker for Poland. My adorable Poland goalkeeper Artur Boruc who made a bunch of amazing saves looked like someone stole his birthday.

After the game Bob showed me a new Red Hot Chili Peppers video, I think the song is called Dani. The video is fantastic. They imitate all these different classic video performances and when they cut to Nirvana Unplugged, Bob and I yelled louder than we did for Germany’s goal.

This morning I watched the first half of the Costa Rica v. Ecuador game. Ecuador is a fun team. It will be interesting to see how Germany v. Ecuador goes since they’re both going through.

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