Home Improvement Project Wrap-Up Pt. 1

My Room: Before

My Room: After

I’m too tired for the full wrap-up. Today I hustled to get my stuff put back in my room.

I was amazed how all my books fit so easily on the shelves until I discovered a giant box of books stashed in a corner and then I couldn’t fit the books in to save my life. Doesn’t this violate some law of physics? I had hoped to approach the room re-stocking with more time and organization rather than shoving stuff everywhere that it will fit. But what can you do? I’ve learned that Home Improvement takes at least ten times as long as you expect. At least I finished this weekend.

In short: now that it’s over I am very pleased. I can see my biffs. When the sun hit the pitted wall I saw what a poor job I did of smoothing it. But, by the time I get all my pictures, etc. up, I don’t think it will look that bad.

I still have to purchase and install closet shelving (remember: where this project started) and I have a few other ideas as well so I’ll do more photos next weekend.

At least the weather was horrendous this weekend so while I was trapped inside, I didn’t feel so bad.

On the other hand, I was out in the yard this afternoon and saw clusters of giant weeds and items that needed dead-heading and I need to take the tomatoes out of the walls-of-water while I still can and get them into cages. So, still lots of work everywhere.

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