The Project is Nearing Completion

I've Never Looked Sexier

Blue Room

I’m a little disappointed. Anywhere that a dark color and a light color meet pretty much looks like crap. I am pleased with the colors, however. I tried everything to make the seams look good: various painting applicators, tape, different barriers and even painstaking patience, often a combo of these. I’m hoping once I get all my stuff in the room, the bloopers won’t look so bad.

What does look great: my drywall patches. More photos to come.

Here’s my ceiling painting outfit. I didn’t have a cool bandana to wear over my hair and I pondered my baseball caps but I didn’t want to wreck any of them. At last, all I could think of was a shower cap so I used that. When I worked on the ceiling it felt like paint was getting in my eyes so I dragged out the goggles. The face mask was a strange crutch that helped keep paint off my face. I’m in clean up / exhausted sit on couch phase.

More tomorrow.

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