Blogging For Jesus

The title has nothing to do with anything but I had this random blip in my head of a song from way back in the early 80’s that may or may not have been on the Repoman soundtrack. (Aside: according to imbd, if you liked Repoman, another title you might like is Innerspace. Isn’t that some sort of Fantastic Journey movie where they shrink Dennis Quaid into a microship and he floats around in Joe’s spleen on a scientific mission? I’m too lazy to look it up myself but I’m just wondering how that relates to Repoman. I’m not seeing a connection of any kind.)

Back to the possibly on the Repoman soundtrack song, it went ” [ something ] for Jesus” and I can’t remember what the something was. It was funny or ironic and it was one of those bands like Social Distortion or Dead Kennedys, but probably not either of those. This is bothering me now. There’s not really a great way to look this up online given what I have. If you have any idea what I’m talking about (Erin?) let me know.

Yesterday I left the office the first legally acceptable moment and zoomed home. I really wanted to be outside but wasn’t in the mood for any hardcore digging and hoeing and raking so I found a sunny spot and took a little digging tool (old knife) and pulled weeds from the cracks in the driveway. It was wonderful.

Also, the new “walls of water” I bought at Fred Meyer were CRAP and when I got home I found the CRAP one slumped over, water drained and poor little tomato crushed into the dirt underneath. I propped it up and told it how sorry I was and took the plastic thing and tossed it aside. I think it’s going to be okay. (The tomato. The plastic things are landfill.)

Irises are blooming – gorgeous. Still lots of major projects to do out there. I need to finish dahlias before I can start anything new.

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