Nearing Normal

I slept like a dream last night. Wow, it was fantastic. I woke up once and opened an eye long enough to see it was 4:30am and thought: I’m sleeping, awesome. And didn’t wake again until the alarm went off.

Sorry to keep yammering about my digestive system but that’s all I’ve got going right now. I guess that’s not true. I keep a card at my desk for things to blog about but sometimes those things don’t look so interesting and I can’t imagine why I scribbled the note in the first place or the note has become obsolete.

For example, scarves. I used to not get scarves in winter. You’d toss one around your next and it didn’t add a lot in terms of warmth plus it became another obstacle to trip on or drip into your lunch. Then, I learned this cool way to secure it from my cousin Lisa and I was going to do a photo demo which I never got around to. But, now it’s spring and even though the weather still is cold and sucks ass, if I’m going to demonstrate anything, it’s going to be open-toed shoes. I will WILL warm weather into being.

So we’re back to my health. Yesterday when they took my pulse, it was 80 and she said that was normal. Not for me. Yikes. I’ve been feeling like my heart was racing which I suspect has to do with all this food deprivation. Last night I drank some organic sports beverage juice. I’ve always wondered what those drinks have in them and if I’m reading the label correctly, this is juice with salt added. Couldn’t you do that yourself? Secrets revealed!

Also the Dr. said I could eat jello which is apparently a clear liquid. (?) I can’t remember the last time I ate jello (I’m supposed capitalize that and put a TM after it or something, aren’t I?). We are not a jello family. Even the extended family. If you come to a summer potluck in Orleans, no one in my family will bring something with jello. Just not part of our repertoire. I’m shoveling some peach jello in right now. I’m hungry.

We also aren’t pot roast people. I can’t ever remember my Mom making pot roast. We ate lots of beef but it was stuff you’d throw on the grill. I can’t remember any of the cooks in my extended family making pot roast. I made a pot roast for Easter Dinner. I read several recipes and mainly used Mark Bittman. I only ate three bites, remember the digestive thing, but I didn’t love it. Bob and Priscilla said it was good and they arm wrestled for leftovers but I don’t think this will become part of the regular rotation. Bob likes red meat, maybe I can find some other fun recipes that will please him.

Finally: if you get the IFC Channel, please check out Henry Rollins show. (A possessive belongs in there somewhere.) He is so intelligent and funny and informed and articulate. He does great interviews (this week: Werner Herzog) and has fun music (this week: Frank Black). You’re probably thinking you don’t need one more show, but this is only once a week and it’s less than 25 minutes. Unless you’re say, my Dad, you will love it.

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