Spice Girl
This is an informal poll to find what is your most used spice? Not like salt or pepper (are those considered spices or condiments?) because those can go with almost anything. Also sugar. But other spices.

Right now my most used spice is cinnamon. I had a bucket of great designer super cinnamon from Penzey’s and I only have about 1 teaspoon left. I made 2 batchs of persimmon cookies over the weekend and that just about cleaned me out. I bought some Penzey’s baking spice which is cinnamon and other stuff like cardamom, nutmeg and cloves. But I don’t like it. When you expect cinnamon taste and get baking spice, it’s a little disappointing.

My other most used spice is chili powder. I have (had) a range of types and they’re all gone except for a few scoops of a chicken taco blend and a tablespoon of regular chili powder. And tons of cayenne if that counts.

I used to use tons of basil and oregano but not so much lately and I bought several bales worth from Penzey’s. It’s stashed in bags in the spice cupboard, probably losing flavor as we speak.

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