Like Twins
The Parent Trap, both versions 1961 and 1998 were on TV this weekend. This post is totally going to date me but what girl, who was alive back then (1961), didn’t *LOVE* The Parent Trap?

Now that I think of it, I wasn’t alive in 1961. But I know I read the book to tatters and I’m sure it must have been on repeats because I remember loving this story. The wonderful Dad, Uncle Bill (wow, check out that bio. What a tragic life.) from Family Affair and dreamy Mom, Maureen O’Hara. And trying to figure out “how did they do that?” with only one actress.

When I was first writing this post in my head, I had Parent Trap actress Hayley Mills mixed up with an actress from one of my favorite TV shows back in the day, Juliet Mills. Juliet was Phoebe Figalilly in Nanny and the Professor. Did you know that Kim Richards (Prudence) is Paris Hilton’s aunt?

Juliet has been married to dreamy Maxwell Caulfield (Miles Colby from Dynasty and the Colbys) for over 20 years.

Where was I going with this? It wasn’t intended to be a ye olden tymes TV trivia quiz.

Oh yeah, The Parent Trap. Somehow I managed to tune into both movies at the point where the twins are stuck in the same cabin together in the rain and I stuck with both versions long enough to see both girls pull of round 1 of the switch which is the best part.

The 1998 version made some updates like changing the girls’ names from Sharon/Susan to Hallie/Annie and the California ranch is now a Napa Valley vineyard and Boston is now London but some of the scenes (in the few parts I watched) were almost identical.

My favorite line in the 1998 version is when the two completely identical girls with identical birthdays and 1 with only a Mom and 1 with only a Dad finally figure it out and they look at each other and one says, “We’re like, twins.”

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