Maui Wedding
I call this one: tanorexia.

I am seriously, very very close to completing the PamNewsletter. The online version needs a bit of tweaking and the paper version needs to be put on paper, but other than that, we’re ready to roll. Stand by for the official annoucement.

Meanwhile, what a weekend. A great example of why decrepit adults should avoid alcohol and staying up late. A wee bit of partying and I am out the next day. On the plus side: the DVR is all caught up and made a major dent in my reading pile.

Did I tell you I saw the RENT (movie) trailer and wanted that 60 seconds of my life back? Seriously, rarely has a movie looked so dreadful. When I was a girl wasn’t this movie called A Chorus Line? I don’t follow theater at all so maybe I’m deluded. Pretty much any movie made from a musical play is not going to rate in my book. Even Chicago.

I did see Harry Potter this weekend in HIGH DEF. Excellent! And I saw Pride and Prejudice. Also excellent.

The other thing I was going to tell you is that when I pay for parking in my building it’s $7.95 which means I always get a nickel back. And at yoga it costs $1.90 so I get a dime back. My car is flooded with nickels and dimes. Nickels and dimes are in every crack, on the floor, between the parking brake and ashtray. Why not just make it an even number? Not like I’m not going to park there anymore.

I might have told you I was going to Idaho last week but actually I’m going tomorrow. Must get to packing the wool.

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