Snow is a No Show

Guess what? It isn’t snowing right now.

The weather people have been on overdrive this week because there was the possibility of snow. *possibility*

Yesterday’s forecast insisted that we’d have snow overnight with huge accumulations. It didn’t feel cold enough to snow but I did some grocery shopping, just in case.

This morning when the alarm went off I could hear a little wind outside. I jumped up and looked out the window and: nothing. Wet. Rain. Still not cold enough to snow.

I turned on the TV to see what the story was and the news teams’ disappointment was palpable. They ran us through all their carefully accumulated footage of buses being chained up (for nothing) and took us to Hood River NOT EVEN CLOSE to the metro area to show us a “winter wonderland” which means there was enough snow flying around to make things look white. I imagine they would have delivered the report from Saskatoon if that’s what it took to show us snow. It was colossally stupid.

Then they ran us through some footage of someone preparing for an emergency. Buying a giant plastic tub to keep things dry. Buying jugs of water. I turned it off at that point because since when is snow a disaster? The people who live around the Great Lakes would be laughing their asses off right now except they’re getting on with their lives, working, playing, getting water out of the tap, eating food out of their dry cupboards even though there is snow outside.

I prepared for the pending snow disaster and took a big pile of work projects I could do at home. Then I forgot all that stuff when I came to work this morning.

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