What I Hate About Yamhill Station
I ALWAYS make sure that I have my train ticket in advance. This has to do with not missing the train and having to stand there for 15 minutes because I had to buy a train ticket while the train came and went. I also always make sure that I buy my tickets (10 at a time) in the morning or at my lunch hour, not on the way home.

The train station on the way home is near a mini-mart and is a hot spot for panhandlers, scammers and if I can just say the word: losers. I do not want to have my wallet out in this area.

But on Thursday morning I didn’t think I had time before the train arrived. (The recorded message said I had 3 minutes and those piece of crap ticket machines TriMet has sometimes take more than 3 minutes.) Turned out the train didn’t arrive for like 11 minutes, but who’s counting?

I totally forgot on my lunch break so now I’m stuck buying a ticket in scumville after work. Rather than putting in my $20 for the 10 tickets, I opted for the 1-way ticket and got my 2 singles out ahead of time: so I wouldn’t have to take my wallet out.

And sure enough, I don’t even have a button pressed on the machine and some scumbag is rushing over, cigarette hanging out of his mouth, “Ma’am? Ma’am?” Like that’s more polite when you’ve got your hand out. WTF? Yeah, I know some people have hard times. I’m not totally without compassion. But I’m not going to hand money over to people just because they ask and I don’t like being bullied at the ticket machine.

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