Upside Down
Sometime after I graduated from college I had a party called the Bridesmaid Promenade. The girls were instructed to wear a bridesmaid dress (the bride always says: you can wear it again) and the boys were instructed to wear bad ties. I would love to take credit for this idea but actually it was Trish.

The featured beverage was the upside down margarita. You sit in a chair and tilt your head back while your friends pour the ingredients into your mouth. Then they take a towel and cover your mouth and gently shake your head. (And imagine what “gently” means after you’ve gone a few rounds). Delicious.

This is a drink to enjoy in your youth. Fortunately, I did.

I didn’t have a bridesmaid dress at the time so the dress in the photo is my prom dress. It was pink with hand-painted flowers. It was later damaged by water leaking in the closet. Otherwise I’d probably be wearing it to parties still.

And yet another picture of my sister, this time with a soggy upside down margarita towel to go with her smile.

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