Remember a few days ago I said I had a note that said “air” or “Giv” and I didn’t know what I meant? I remembered. [I can’t get the link to target thing to work right now and as usual I just sat down here for 3 seconds to type this note and I’m not going to take the time to figure it out. Just scroll down to item#5 on August 22.]

It was “air” as in air conditioning. I love the effects of air conditioning and I’m glad it’s part of the world but I don’t understand why the world thinks that the appropriate temperature to cool a room or building down to is 55 degrees. There you are in your cute sundress or shorts and tank and you walk into a store or someone’s home or the movies and you need to find a sweater. I carry a sweater EVERYWHERE.

We had air conditioning installed before this summer which has been wonderful but it does get a little chilly in the rooms with the main vents. In my room, where the computer is, it practically blows on my legs which I do not like and I close the vent when I’m at my desk.

Today has been an odd day because it was just warm enough to kick on the air but not quite warm enough that I could appreciate it. As soon as the cold air came wafting out of the vent I had goosebumps on my arms and legs. Also you should know that I’m pretty cheap when it comes to energy expended on environmental comfort. I set the air at 74 degrees and I’m still cold.

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