It’s my intention to post almost every day. Seriously.

I have ideas of things to write about but then it’s a matter of sitting down and organizing my thoughts and then constructing some sentences that sound at least halfway coherent and possibly finding a few links. But then I’m at home and I’m tired or have already sat in front of the computer all day or whatever thing I wanted to write about earlier doesn’t sound half as interesting and before you know it 4-5 days have gone by and no new posts. Whether I’m making excuses or apologizing, you be the judge.

On Friday night we saw Los Lobos at the Vancouver Jazz and Wine Festival or whatever it was called. Excellent evening. We enjoyed refreshing adult beverages and a variety of foods. It was a nice crowd but not crowded. The air was cool and a bit breezy.

We had chairs and a nice place to sit but after a couple of songs I wanted to go up front so I dashed up to the concrete in front of the stage and the rest of our crew joined me a half song later. While we were dancing and carrying on, people were shouting requests and Bob said “Mr. Fantasy” which he’d heard Los Lobos play before. A kid in front of us — about 8 years old — was dancing with his hippy-ish looking folks and he looks at Bob and goes, “That’s Traffic. Mr. Fantasy is Traffic.” Three cheers for that kid’s parents that their 8 year old son knows Traffic. “They do it too,” Bob told him, meaning Los Lobos and the kid turned around and shouted, “Mr. Fantasy!”

I’m trying to get the fridge emptied out. We’re having Priscilla over for dinner tonight and making a quasi-fajita thing we’ve invented. I suggested it because I had 3 bell peppers in the fridge and this seemed an optimal way to get rid of them. Little did I know my spouse ran over to the farmer’s market yesterday and picked up 6 (SIX!) bell peppers. On what planet do 3 people eat 6 giant bell peppers for one meal much less 9 which is what we now have? That man needs constant adult supervision.

This morning for breakfast I had some honey Greek-style yogurt from Trader Joes with meusli and some blackberries that I harvested from the backyard last night. It was excellent.

I’m off to take care of some chores.

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