Winey Slush

I’ve read about this once in Cooks Illustrated and once in FoodDay in the Oregonian.

Both sources said that if you had leftover red wine that you wouldn’t be drinking, you could put it in ice cube trays in your freezer and then transfer the cubes into a ziplock bag and these would be handy for flavoring when you made sauce or soups. (This isn’t an April Fool’s joke.)

I recently had some red wine that I didn’t finish and thought I’d try this trick. I appropriated a couple of ice cube trays and left a big note on the freezer so Bob wouldn’t freak out when he found them.

I had some stuff going on so I didn’t get to them for a couple of days but when I finally got ready to transfer them I found that they were a wee bit slushy. Well, that’s to be expected, right? Alcohol doesn’t freeze like water.

As I transferred them to the bag they disintegrated further and now I have a ziplock bag filled with winey slush in my freezer.

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