Here’s one more Dylan quote that I forgot last time:

[Describing an 8 second film of Robert Johnson, blues guitar hero] “He looks nothing like a man with the hellhound on his trail. He looks immune to human dread and you stare at the image in disbelief.” p. 287. I should probably point out that if you follow that link, it claims the film Dylan saw that inspired that description is not Johnson.

I finished another book this afternoon (Sidney Lumet, Making Movies) #12 which means I’m in still on track. The last two books have been non-fiction and I feel like I’m not reading when I read non-fiction. Next is going to be fiction. I’ve still got Momaday and there’s a Proulx in the pile, and I, Elizabeth which is a fatty and a little daunting.

Bob commented that it was an interesting choice to choose books that are short so I can make 50 for the year. I think it’s kind of stupid, myself. I think his logic was that I could sample a lot of different things over the course of the year.

Also, now that I’m reading on the train, it’s a whole different way of reading. A. It’s harder to concentrate and B. I’m reading in short 20-25 minutes bursts twice a day. Barely enough time to get immersed before I have to put it away until later. Not my ideal way to read.

In other news, today the air conditioning was installed. It was much more complicated than I expected. At one point we had 4 guys here. Every time we get something installed it seems like they have to drape cords, cables, wires, pipes, or whatever around the house and under the eaves and tuck under the siding or staple around the deck or something. I’m wondering if this is genuinely worrisome or just something that offends my sense of order.

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